A set of pre-built workbook examples are available from your Sigma template gallery. We recommend checking out these examples if you're new to Sigma. They provide an introduction to workbooks, workbook structure, and potential use cases. 

Important: These examples are only available only to users in organizations created on or after October 29, 2021. 

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Explore an Example Template
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  • Template-based example workbooks are available to all organizations created on or after October 29, 2021.

Explore an Example Workbook 

  1. Navigate to the Templates gallery page.
    You can access this page from:
    • the left-side navigation panel on your home page, or
    • the quick navigation menu (Screen_Shot_2021-10-28_at_12.37.59_PM.png), located in the top left corner of any document page.Screen_Shot_2021-10-28_at_2.12.01_PM.png
      In addition to Sigma's examples, you may also have access to templates created by other users in your organization. All Sigma examples can be identified by their SIGMA TEMPLATES label.
  2. Click the template you would like to explore.
  3. Explore the template by clicking on any of its interactive elements. These include tables, visualizations and controls.
    Note: None of your changes will impact the template itself.
  4. [optional] To create an editable and publishable workbook from the template, click Save as in the template’s header.

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