Logical functions

Logical functions perform logical operations or evaluate conditional statements and typically return boolean (true or false) output.

BetweenDetermines if a value is within the specified range; True or False.
ChooseGiven a specified index number, returns the matching value from a list.
CoalesceReturns the first non-Null value from a list.
IfEvaluates if one or more conditions are true or false and returns the corresponding value.
InDetermines if a specified value matches any candidate values; True or False.
IsNotNullDetermines if the cell has a value; True or False.
IsNullDetermines if the cell is Null; True or False.
SwitchUsing the SWITCH paradigm, tests the specified value against a list of conditions, and returns the matching response.
ZnReturns non-Null values, or 0 (zero) instead of Null values.