Create a dataset from SQL

You can create datasets by writing SQL against the data in your warehouse.


  • To use this feature, you must be assigned an account type with the permission to write custom SQL.
  • To run custom SQL, you must have the Can use data permission for the entire connection. See Data permissions.
  • The SQL editor only appears if you have connection-level access to at least one connection in your organization.
  • To reference existing Sigma datasets and workbook elements within your SQL, you must have write access configured on your connection.

Create a dataset by writing custom SQL

To create a new dataset by writing your own SQL query against your data:

  1. Open Sigma Home.

  2. In the navigation panel, click Add element Create New, then select Dataset.

  3. On the Select a Data Source page, click Select under SQL.

  4. In the side panel, click Select a Connection and select the connection you want to query.

  5. In the query editor, enter your custom SQL. Sigma provides autocomplete suggestions to guide you.

Reference existing Sigma datasets

You can reference your existing Sigma dataset in your SQL by using the fully qualified name as a view inside the warehouse. This is a combination of the dataset Location and view name:

SELECT * FROM <location>.<dataset_warehouse_view_name>

To determine the fully qualified name of the dataset, select information when viewing a dataset to open the information panel:

Image of the information panel, highlighting the Location and Dataset fields below the Warehouse Views section.

The Location field provides the database and schema in your CDW that contain the dataset, and the Dataset field provides the view name that you can reference.


To copy the fully qualified name to your clipboard, click the more ( More icon ) icon, then select Copy path.

For the dataset shown in the screenshot, you can retrieve all columns of the dataset with the following example SQL:


To reference individual columns from your Sigma dataset in your SQL, wrap the column name in double quotes. For example:


Reference dataset parameters

You can reference Sigma parameters in your SQL by wrapping the parameter's name in curly brackets:

If the parameter's value is output with single quotation marks, you can remove these quotation marks by prepending the keyword #raw before the parameter name:

{{#raw my_parameter_name}}

If the parameter is from a Date range control, you can extract the start and end date:

{{my_parameter_name}}:start and {{my_parameter_name}}:end

Limitations and warnings

  • If you change the value of a parameter, make sure that the tables use the same schema.
  • If you use the #raw parameter value, row-level security can be bypassed in the worksheet, creating a security vulnerability.

Reference multi-select list parameters

Multi-select list controls pass the multi-selected data as an array.

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