The CallNumber function calls a warehouse function that returns a Number datatype. This function can be used in the case of generating random samples of data for analysis.Β 


CallNumber(function name, argument1, argument2, ...)

Function arguments:

  • function name (required): The name of the warehouse function to call.
  • argument (required): The argument(s) to pass into the warehouse function. Multiple arguments are supported.


A table contains a Cust Key column that serves as the unique identifier for each customer. You can pass Snowflake's UNIFORM function to the CallNumber function to generate a uniformly distributed set of random numbers when creating a filter column Flag to randomly select n number of customers.

CallNumber("uniform", 1, 10, CallNumber("random"))

  • Return a list of random generated numbers between 1-10 to map to each customer.Β 

Snowflake's RANDOM function is used as the argument of the UNIFORM function to generate a list of pseudo-random 64-bit integers within the specified range.