Formats a date value to text based on the format provided.


DateFormat(date, format)

date [required] The date or column of dates to be formatted.

format [required] The format to apply.

Note: Our custom date formatting uses built-in warehouse functionality, and warehouses vary in what specific date formats they support. Our list of common date formats originates from the d3-time-format module and should be considered as a rough guide only.


DateFormat(Date("2018-07-23"), "%B")

  • The specified format β€” "%B" β€” ensures that this formula returns the month name of the input date (which would be "July" in this example).

DateFormat(\[Date\], "%a %B %d %Y")

  • Returns a formatted text version of each row in the [Date] column. The format applied translates to abbreviated weekday name (%a), month name (%B), day number (%d), and year (%Y).