Workbook settings overview

A Sigma workbook has settings that apply to all its pages and elements. The settings covered in this document refer to the new, improved grid layout. See Create and manage workbook layouts.

Access workbook settings

Open the workbook settings panel from the Settings button at the bottom left of the workbook: Workbook settings

Layout settings

Layout settings are at the top of the panel. Click the chevron to see the full list of layout settings.

Layout settings option expanded to show a checkbox to always show grid and a toggle switch for custom mobile layout.

The settings include:

  • Always show grid: Toggles the grid lines on and off. By default, the layouts grid is on, to help you align elements on a page. The grid displays when editing or exploring. It does not display to Viewers.
  • Custom mobile layout: Toggles whether the layout is used for both desktop and mobile devices. For more information, see the Responsive design for desktop and mobile layouts section in Create and manage workbook layouts.

Workbook formatting settings

Workbook formatting section of the workbook settings, showing options described in surrounding text.

The settings include:

  • Theme: Select from a set of predefined themes. Themes encompass the palette, fonts, and title and table text sizes. The default uses the Light settings. You can choose a theme and modify its settings.
  • Color: Select from a range of palettes.
  • Invert viz tooltip colors: Toggles tooltip colors. See Customize chart mark tooltip fields.
  • Text font: Font for all basic text in the page. The default is Source Sans Pro.
  • Data font: Font for all text in the page. The default is Roboto.
  • Title font: Font size and color for all title text in the workbook.
  • Table header: Font size and color for all table headers in the workbook.
  • Table cell: Font size and color for all table cells in the workbook.
  • Border shape: How the corners of the border connect, either as a square, rounded, or pill-shaped corner. The default is round.
  • Page width: Sets the width of all pages in the workbook. The default is Full.
  • Show cards: Cards are containers that surround some elements such as images. If you want the background of the element to be the same color as the canvas, hide the cards.
  • Spacing: Sets the grid spacing. The default is Medium.

The Revert to default button at the bottom reverts any changes that have been made to the formatting settings.

Enable page break elements

The Enable page break elements checkbox makes the page break elements available in the Add element panel. By default it is not enabled.

Option described in surrounding text.

You can use Page break elements to manually set page breaks for PDF exports. See Configure additional options for exports.

Manage locales

The Manage locales link opens the Manage locales panel. See Embedded workbook localization.