Manage workbook refresh options

Sigma refreshes Workbook data every time an individual opens or refreshes the workbook. If you would like a workbook's data to refresh without user action, you can set a custom refresh schedule. The Sigma Team recommends this option if you are primarily displaying the workbook on a screen that people may reference without interacting with it. Data elements can also be refreshed individually. Important: Sigma does not store data. Every refresh re-queries the data in the warehouse. Setting an auto-refresh may burden the connection and result in significant warehouse costs.


  • To set up a refresh schedule, you must have Can EditΒ access to the individual workbook.

Set Up a Refresh Schedule

  1. Click the caret (β–Ό) icon button to the right of the refresh button in your workbook's header.
  2. Select Data refresh.
    The Data Refresh Settings modal opens.
  3. If the feature is not yet active, click Enable.
  4. Use the Query data every and Between fields to select the frequency and timeframe.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you are ready to publish your changes, click the Publish button in the workbook header.Β 

Refresh Individual Data Elements

  1. Select the data element.Β 
  2. Click the More menu at the top right corner of the element.
  3. Click Refresh data.Β Β