Format PDF exports (legacy layouts)

Page sections and breaks are different in the new Sigma grid layouts. For more information see Compose Elements on a Page.

This page describes the PDF export formatting for legacy layouts.

User requirements

The ability to format PDF exports requires the following:

  • You must be assigned an account type with the Full explore permission enabled.
  • You must be the workbook owner or be granted Can explore or Can edit workbook permission.

Page sections

Sections allow workbook editors to layout elements on workbook pages.

All populated workbook pages contain one or more sections. Each section contains one or more elements.

Example: The image below contains three sections.


Show first 1k rows

By default, table and pivot tables in exported PDFs only display the number of rows that appear on the dashboard. If you would like to display more rows in your export, there is an option to show up to 1,000 rows per table. You cannot export more than 1,000 rows per table.

When this option is selected, the table’s headers appear on every PDF page containing the table data.

This option must be set per page section. It requires the section to contain only a single table or pivot table element.

Before you start: This action is only available in Edit mode. To begin editing, click Edit in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Open page's PAGE ELEMENTS editor panel.
  2. Hover over the section containing your target table or pivot table, and click the More menu.
  3. Select Export formatting > Expand to first 1k rows.
    Note: A check displays beside Expand to first 1k rows if the option is already selected.
    Want to test it?To see how the table looks on your export, send a one time export or use Send Now to test an existing schedule.

Add page breaks

You can customize the look of your exported PDFs by adding page breaks after any section in your dashboard.

  1. Open the editor panel's PAGE ELEMENTS view to your target workbook page, accessible by clicking the page tab.
  2. In the editor panel, hover over the section containing your target table or pivot table, and click the More menu.
  3. In the More menu select Export formatting > Page Break After Section.
    Note: A check displays beside Page Break After Section if the option is already selected.

To see how the table looks on your export:

Note: These page breaks will be automatically be applied to your next export.