Set up write access

Granting write access to your database enables the use of several Sigma features:

To set up write access, configure your connection settings in Sigma, and ensure that Sigma has sufficient permissions in your data warehouse. You must be a Sigma Admin to enable write access.

By design, the database destination that you configure for write access is not visible in the Sigma connection explorer pane. We recommend that you configure a separate database or a database and schema combination for write-access purposes.


  • You must be an Admin to enable this feature.
  • You must have appropriate permissions for your CDW.
  • OAuth must NOT be enabled for your organization.

Configure write access in Sigma

  1. Select Administration in the user menu at the top right of your screen.
  2. Select the Connections page from the left panel.
  3. To view the connection, click on an existing connection in the list.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under Connection Features, switch on Enable write access.
  6. Sigma requests additional information for write access; this information depends on the specifics of your data warehouse: Snowflake, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Databricks, AlloyDB, and MySQL.
  7. After completing the form, click Save.


To set up Sigma write access for a Snowflake connection,

  1. Specify a database and schema where Sigma writes.
    The Snowflake user who connects to Sigma must have the following permissions:

  2. To grant the necessary permissions in Snowflake, open your Snowflake instance and follow the steps below.

  3. Replace YOUR_DATABASE_NAME with the name of your database. Replace YOUR_SCHEMA with the name of the schema you'd like to grant permissions to. Replace YOUR_SIGMA_ROLE with the role you used to connect. If you connected using Snowflake Partner Connect, use PC_SIGMA_ROLE.

  4. Enter the following commands into the SQL editor in the Worksheets tab for the Database you wish to give Sigma access to:

    use WAREHOUSE **<YOUR\_SIGMA\_WH>**; use DATABASE **<YOUR\_DATABASE\_NAME>**; grant usage on database **<YOUR\_DATABASE\_NAME>** to role **<YOUR\_SIGMA\_ROLE>**;

  5. Enter the following command for the schema you plan to access:

    grant usage, create table, create view, create stage on schema **<YOUR\_SCHEMA>** to role **<YOUR\_SIGMA\_ROLE>**;


To set up write access for BigQuery, your BigQuery Service account must be the Data Owner for the Dataset where you plan Sigma to write; see Google's documentation Manage access to projects, folders, and organizations.


To set up Sigma write access for a PostgreSQL connection, specify a Schema where you plan Sigma to write. The PostgreSQL user connected to Sigma must be the owner of the Schema, and have the permissions to create and drop tables.


To set up Sigma write access for a Redshift connection, you must specify the schema where you plan Sigma to write. The Redshift user who connects to Sigma must be the owner of the Schema, and have the permissions to create and drop tables.