Set a query ID cache duration

Some cloud data warehouses (CDWs) have a query results cache that Sigma can use to retrieve query results without incurring additional compute costs. When available from the CDW, Sigma uses a query ID to access the cached data. This leads to better performance.

Workbooks have a query ID cache duration setting, or time-to-live (TTL). The default duration is 10 minutes. For more detailed information see Caching and data freshness.

The actual query results are cached in the CDW, not in Sigma. Typically, the CDW cache is in the form of a copy of results and is stored for 24 hours.Β 

If the source data changes inside the TTL duration, the cached results will reflect irrelevant or inaccurate data.

If you attempt to return the result of a query, you can use the Cache duration setting to specify that the results cache is a certain number of minutes old.


  • This feature is only available for CDWs that support result caches, including Snowflake and BigQuery.
  • To set a workbooks' query ID cache duration, you must be an organization Admin.

Set a query cache ID duration

  1. Click the caret (β–Ό) button to the right of the refresh button in your workbook's header.
  2. Select Data refresh.
    The Data Refresh Settings modal opens.
  3. Under Cache duration set a duration in either minutes or hours.
  4. Click Save.