The RegexpReplace function searches a string for a pattern and replaces all matches with the replacement string. If no matches are found, the original string is returned.


RegexpReplace(string, pattern, replacement)

Function arguments:

  • string (required): The string to search.
  • pattern (required): The pattern to extract with.
  • replacement (required): String to replace the sought pattern.


When the regular expression you want to use contains a slash, quotation or other special character, you will need to use a backslash (\) to escape the special character. Regexp can vary based on the databases. Check the documentation of your database to find the correct syntax.


Example 1:

RegexpReplace([Product Name], "(\\d+) (\\d+mm)", "\\1-\\2")

Replaces every space between digits and digits preceding "mm" with a dash to indicate the range of camera lenses.

Example 2:

RegexpReplace([Phone Number], "(\\d{3})(\\d{3})(\\d{4})", "(\\1) \\2-\\3")

Transforms a phone number to (xxx) xxx-xxxx formatting.

Example 3:

RegexpReplace([City], "^(.*?),", "San Francisco,")

Replaces every character before the comma with the city in proper form.

Example 4:

RegexpReplace([Team], "[^a-zA-Z0-9\\s]", "")

Removes all punctuation marks in a string.

Example 5:

RegexpReplace([Text], "\\/", "&")

Replaces the slash with "&".

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