Format pivot table totals (Beta)


This is a public beta feature that’s subject to quick, iterative changes. As a result, the latest product version may differ from the contents of this document.

By default, Sigma applies the same format to pivot table values and totals. While you can use table styles to customize the general cell format, you can also apply unique formats to subtotals and grand totals.

This document describes the format options for pivot table totals and explains how to customize the display of rows and columns containing subtotals and grant totals.

User requirements

The ability to format pivot table totals requires the following:

  • You must be assigned an account type with the Explore workbooks or Create, edit, and publish workbooks permission enabled.

  • You must be the workbook owner or be granted Can explore or Can edit workbook permission.

Pivot table totals format options


The Subtotals tools allow you to customize the font weight, font color, and background color of subtotal rows and columns.

Grand totals

The Grand totals tools allow you to customize the font weight, font color, and background color of the grand totals row and column.


The Position setting allows you to move grand totals to the first or last column and row.


Format pivot table totals

  1. Open a workbook in Explore or Edit mode.

  2. Select the pivot table you want to format.

  3. Select Element format in the side navigation, then click the Totals header to expand the section.

  4. Use the Subtotals and Grand totals tools to customize font weight, font color, and background color, and select an option in the Position dropdown to control the position of the grand total row and column.