Ad hoc data explorations

New, unsaved workbooks are referred to as explorations.

Explorations are ideal for in-the-moment ad hoc analysis, when you want to explore your data and move on without saving your work for future use.

You can revisit recent explorations from the Recents page. Sigma lists them for up to 30 days. You can access older explorations using their original URL.

This documentation describes how create and revisit explorations.


Create an exploration

Creating an exploration is the same as creating a workbook. You just don't save it.

To get started, see Create a workbook or exploration.

Revisit a previous exploration

Sigma saves explorations for up to 30 days. You can revisit an exploration for further activity or to save it as a workbook.

  1. Open your Recents page from the left navigation panel (accessible from the home page).
  2. Click to open the EXPLORATIONS tab.
  3. Click to open any exploration in the list. Screen_Shot_2021-05-25_at_12.37.28_PM.png

Save an exploration as a workbook

To save your exploration as a workbook, click the Save As button in the exploration's header. Then follow the prompts to name and select a destination for the workbook.

This saves and publishes the first draft of the workbook; see editing, drafts, and publishing.