Dataset Totals

Totals are single value column aggregates that live at the top most level or a worksheet. Totals can be created in your worksheet’s right hand panel, under the column view tab. The calculated total values will then be displayed in the worksheet’s control panel.

Create a Total

  1. Open the column view tab in your worksheet’s right hand panel.
  2. Under the TOTALS section, click on New Total...
  3. Select a column from the list to automatically create a recommended aggregate total. Or select
    Add Empty Column to write your own formula.
    For this example, we will select the column [Sales Amount]. This will automatically create a new column [Sales Amount - Sum], which calculates the formula Sum([Sales Amount]).
    The column will appear in the right hand TOTALS list, its formula will be accessible in the formula bar, and the calculated value will be displayed under the TOTALS list in the control panel.