The CurrentUserAttributeText function returns the corresponding attribute value for the current user as a Text data type.



Name of the user attribute generated in the User Attribute section of the Admin portal.
Returns the current user's corresponding attribute value.
The argument must be a Text data type.


An admin adds a text column named Region into a dataset, creates a user attribute called Region Attribute, and assigns the user attribute to the following teams:

  • West Team (consisting of users 1 and 2)
  • Midwest Team (consisting of users 3 and 4)

When using the following function in a dataset, members of each team will only see the rows that match the corresponding user attribute value in the Region column. That is, users 1 and 2 can see rows with the West Region value, and users 3 and 4 can see rows with the Midwest Region value.

CurrentUserAttributeText(“Region Attribute”) = [Region]

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