Manage Users with User 360

User 360 allows admins to access individual user profiles from the People tab. The user profile is a single source of truth for every user in your organization. From the user profile, admins can take actions on a user, such as:

  • View and edit a user's account type
  • View and edit a user's member type
  • View user attributes assigned to a user
  • View, edit, or add a user to teams
  • Convert users from Embed to Standard or vice versa
  • Upload a profile image


  • You must be an organization Admin to view or edit fields on a user profile; see Account types.

Access a User Profile

To access a user profile as an admin, go to the admin portal > People tab > and click on any user.

In the example below, click on the edit icon (company apps) to edit the account type, teams, or view assigned user attributes. 

company apps

Account Type

To edit a user's account type, click the edit icon (company apps) to launch the Account type field, and select the appropriate value. See Account types.


Admins can't edit their own account type.

company apps

Convert Users

In the Account Type field, admins can convert Embed users to Standard, or vice versa. If you convert an Embed user to Standard, you must define their Account Type. See Account types.

company apps

Member Type

This capability is only available in the user interface for organizations that have Guest User Accounts enabled and that are using these Authentication Methods: Password, SAML or SAML or password. More more information, see Guest user accounts.

To edit a user's member type, click the edit icon (company apps) to launch the Member field, and select the appropriate value. 



To edit a user's team, click the edit icon (company apps) to launch the All Teams field, and search or select the appropriate team. For more information, see Teams

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User Attributes

To view the attributes assigned to a user, click the edit icon (company apps). 

See User attributes.