The CallText function sends a request to execute a warehouse function that returns a text value. This is often used to extract and display numbers in a more readable format or to join digits with text or symbols. 


CallText(function_name, argument)

Function arguments:

function nameThe warehouse function to call.
argumentOne or more arguments to pass to the warehouse function.


All arguments must meet the warehouse function’s input requirements. Unsupported arguments result in an invalid formula.


A table contains a Revenue column that provides restaurant revenue data as a number value. Using the CallText function, you can execute Snowflake's TO_CHAR function to extract digits and preserve the number format when combining Revenue and Currency values into a single text string. 

Concat("$", CallText("TO_CHAR", [Revenue], "999,999,999,999.00"), " ", [Currency])

Returns the Revenue value as a text string and preserves the number format (999,999.999.00) upon text conversion.