The CallText function sends a request to execute a warehouse function that returns a text value. This is often used to extract and display numbers in a more readable format or to join digits with text or symbols.ย 


CallText(function name, argument...)

Function arguments:

  • function name (required) -ย  a warehouse function to execute
  • argument (required) - one or more arguments to pass to the warehouse function

All arguments must meet the warehouse functionโ€™s input requirements. Unsupported arguments result in an invalid formula.


A table contains a Revenue column that provides restaurant revenue data as a number value. Using the CallText function, you can execute Snowflake's TO_CHAR function to extract digits and preserve the number format when combining Revenue and Currency values into a single text string.ย 

Concat("$", CallText("TO\_CHAR", \[Revenue\], "999,999,999,999.00"), " ", \[Currency\])

Returns the Revenue value as a text string and preserves the number format (999,999.999.00) upon text conversion.