Explain visualizations with AI (Beta)


This is a public beta feature that’s subject to quick, iterative changes. As a result, the latest product version may differ from the contents of this document.

The Explain visualization feature uses AI to instantly generate a description of any chart. Details can include key insights, observations, data distribution summaries, and other context that can enhance your understanding of visualized data and help drive informed decisions.

This document introduces AI-generated explanations for visualizations and explains how to access and utilize the feature.

System and user requirements

The ability to explain a visualization with AI requires the following:

All users can use the feature in workbooks they can access, regardless of permission type.

About AI-generated explanations

When you use the Explain visualization feature, Sigma captures a snapshot of the chart and passes this image, along with the chart’s underlying data, to your OpenAI model. The model then processes the information and analyzes the context to generate an explanation of the data visualized by the chart. Sigma presents this explanation and allows you to provide feedback about the results, which can be used to improve future responses.

For information about how your data is secured and stored when using AI features, see Frequently asked questions in Manage OpenAI integration.

Explain a visualization

  1. Open a workbook in any mode.

  2. Hover over or select the visualization you want to explain.

  3. In the element toolbar, click More to open the element menu, then select Explain visualization.

  4. The Explain visualization modal displays the explanation in real time, as it's generated. Utilize or interact with the results as needed:

    • Click Copy text, then save or share the results (for example, paste it into a text element to supplement the visualization).

    • Click Helpful or Not helpful and submit additional details to help improve future responses.