Geography functions

Geography functions enable you to work with the geography data type to analyze locations, routes, and other geospatial data. For example, you can use geography functions to transform data into compatible formats for geography maps.


Geography functions aren't compatible with all data platform connections. To check if your connection supports these functions, see Supported data platforms and feature compatibility.

AreaCalculates the area of a geography, in specified units.
CentroidCalculates the geographic center of a geography.
DistanceCalculates the minimum distance between two geographies, in specified units.
GeographyConverts GeoJSON or WKT formats to the geography data type.
IntersectsDetermines if one geography intersects another geography.
JsonConverts geography data to GeoJSON.
LatitudeReturns the latitude component of a point.
LongitudeReturns the longitude component of a point.
MakeLineConstructs a line from a series of points and line segments.
MakePointConstructs a point from latitude and longitude data.
PerimeterCalculates the perimeter of a geography, in specified units.
TextConverts geography data to WKT format.
WithinDetermines if one geography is fully within another geography.