Display chart data labels

Data label formatting is available for the following visualization types:


  • To use this feature, you must have Can Edit or Can Explore access to the individual workbook.

Add data labels

Before you start: This action uses the editor panel. If you have not done so already, open the editor panel from either Explore or Edit mode; see Workbook modes.

  1. In the editor panel, select Element format.

  2. Open the DATA LABELS section.


    Format options vary by visualization type.

  3. Select the Data labels checkbox to display data labels on your chart.

  4. Use the fields that appear to customize your data labels.


    Data label options vary by visualization type.

    Data labels section for a bar chart, showing options for the color of the labels, the orientation of the labels, the position of the labels, and the font.

Add data labels to a map

You can select one or more columns to add data labels to a region or point map. Labels display with column values split by each region or point on the map.

  1. Select the element.

    The editor panel opens to the Element properties section.

  2. In Marks, select Label.

  3. Add one or more columns that you want to display on the map.

  4. [optional] Adjust the aggregation, format, or other settings of the column value so that the label appears as desired.

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