The BinFixed function computes the bin for a value among the specified number of identically sized bins within the given bounds.


BinFixed(value, min, max, bins)

Function arguments:

  • value (required): The value for which the bin is computed.
  • min (required): The lower bound. If the value is less than min, the bin will be 0.
  • max (required): If the value is greater than or equal to max, the bin will be bins + 1.
  • bins (required): The number of bins within the interval. Bins are numbered 1 through bins. If bins is less than 1, all values will treated as belonging to bin 1.


The values in the Days Since Signup column are assigned in one of the 5 bins.Β 

BinFixed(\[Days Since Signup\], 0, 90, 3)

All numbers less than 0 will be in bin 0. All numbers 90 or greater will be in bin 4. All numbers between 0 and 90 will be assigned one of 3 equally sized bins.Β 

This further helps simplify the duration since the last signup.

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