The AggDatetime function sends a request to execute an aggregate warehouse function that returns a date data type. This function is the aggregate version of CallDatetime.


AggDatetime(function name, arguments...)

Function arguments:

  • function name (required) - an aggregate warehouse function to execute 
  • arguments (required) - one or more arguments to pass to the warehouse function


All arguments must meet the warehouse function’s input requirements. Unsupported arguments result in an invalid formula.


A table contains a Date column that returns the timestamp of all order transactions for each customer. Using the AggDatetime function, you can execute Snowflake's MAX function in a higher grouped level of the table to return the latest timestamp of a customer's shopping history.

AggDatetime("MAX", \[Date\])

Returns the most recent date time value from the Date column for each customer identified in the Cust Key column.


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