The ArrayContains function searches for a specific value in a list or array. If the value is found, the function returns True, otherwise it returns False.


ArrayContains(list, target)

Function arguments:

list(required) A column containing lists or arrays to reference when searching for a value.
target(required) A text string or column containing the value to find.


The list argument must reference a list parameter or a column containing list values. When the target argument references a column, the column must contain text values. Other data value types result in an invalid formula.


A table contains an Array column that returns list values from the Product Type PRM list parameter. You can use the ArrayContains function to search the Array column list for the value in the Product Type column.

ArrayContains([Array], [Product Type])

You can also use the function to determine whether or not the value in the Product Type column is currently selected in the Product-Type-PRM list parameter.

ArrayContains([Product-Type-PRM], [Product Type])

When the value in the Product Type column is found in the Array column or Product Type PRM list parameter, the function output is True. If the value is not found, the function output is False.

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