The Concat function combines text strings.


Concat(string_1, string_2, ...)

Function arguments:

string_1(required) First string to combine in the sequence.
string_2+(optional) Additional strings to combine in the sequence.
  • Concat doesn't automatically add spaces between strings. To add a space in the output, include " " as its own argument.
  • To include a number or date value as a string, place quotation marks around the value ("2024-01-01").
  • To treat values in a number column as text strings, enclose the column name in the Text function (Text([Column])).


Concat("queen", "bee")

Returns queenbee.

Concat("queen", " ", "bee")

Returns queen bee.

Concat ([Name], Text([ID No]))

Combines a column of names with their corresponding ID numbers.

Concat([Store Region], "\n", [Store State])

When the newline character (\n) is added as an argument, Concat generates the subsequent argument on a new line. To view the output on separate lines, ensure Wrap text formatting is applied to the column.

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