Download and export limitations

Sigma provides many ways to download your data or export it to other systems. However, some limits apply, as described in the following tables.

One million row export limit for most exports

Sigma has a 1 million row export limit for most exports. If your data exceeds the limit, Sigma truncates the data to 1 million rows.

If you export a pivot table, the 1 million row limit applies to the flattened table.

If you export to cloud storage, the 1 million row limit does not apply.

Download or export file type limitations

The following limits apply when downloading or exporting specific file types:

Download or export typeLimits
CSV1 million rows.
Excel1 million rows.
Max columns: 16,384
Max string UTF-8 characters: 32,767
Max URLs: 65,530
Max URL length: 2079 characters
Max cell limit for pivot tables: 5 million
If any limit is exceeded, Sigma trims the data down to the limit.
PNGNo download limit.
PDF: generalNo download limit.
PDF: tables and pivot tablesMaximum of 1,000 rows per table. By default, table and pivot tables in exported PDFs only display the number of rows that appear on a dashboard. To display more rows in your export, there is an option to show up to 1,000 rows per table.

Destination limitations

Sigma has the following limits for export recipients and destinations:

Email30MB combined for all attachments. An error occurs if the limit is exceeded.
Google Sheets5 million cells per table. Sigma truncates table cells exceeding the limit.
Google Sheets have a limit of 10 million cells per sheet file, including all tabs. If an export to an existing sheet leads the Google Sheet to become larger than 10 million cells, an error occurs.
Slack1GB per file. An error occurs if the limit is exceeded.
Cloud storage5GB per file.