Returns the smallest value amongst the inputs.


Least(input, \[input 2+\])

input (required) The data or column of data to be evaluated. Input can be numbers, dates, or strings.

input 2+ (optional) Additional inputs to compare. All additional inputs must match the type of the first input.

NOTE: If you would like to compare a column of dates against a specific date, you must wrap the input in the Date() function.


Least(\[Date\], Date("2018-04-12"))

  • Returns the value in [Date] if the date is before April 12, 2018, otherwise it returns April 12, 2018. It is testing for the date that occurs the furthest back.

Least(\[Profit 2016\], \[Profit 2017\], \[Profit 2018\])

  • Returns the profit numbers for the year that was a least profitable.

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