Register a Plugin with your Sigma Organization

Sigma supports plugin elements in workbooks. Plugins are third-party applications built to add additional functionality into an existing product. For example, a software developer in your organization may create a plugin that allows you to display your data in a chart type not otherwise supported in Sigma. 
Organization members only have access to plugins registered with their organization.


  • To register a plugin, you must have either an Admin account type or a custom account type that supports plugin developer feature permissions.
  • The plugin should be hosted; you need to provide a production URL.

Register a Plugin

  1. Open the Admin Portal.
  2. On the Account page, scroll to the Custom Plugins section.Screen_Shot_2021-11-09_at_9.29.16_AM.png
  3. Click the section's Add button, to open the Create New Custom Plugin modal.Screen_Shot_2021-11-09_at_9.29.52_AM.png
  4. Enter a plugin Name.
  5. [optional] Enter a Description.
  6. Enter the plugin’s Production URL, where the plugin is hosted.
  7. Enter the plugin's Development URL. For more information see Develop Sigma Plugins.
  8. Click Create Plugin.
  9. Test your registered plugin by adding a plugin element to any workbook.

Example Plugins

Sigma’s development team has created a set of example plugins.

All of our example plugins are hosted and can be added to your organization. To see a complete list of Sigma’s example plugins, see Example Plugins.