Rank the rows in the table by percentile using the input column.


RankPercentile(column, [direction])

column (required) The column used to order the table. The input column can be numbers, dates or text.

direction (optional) The direction to sort the input column. Default is to sort ascending.


The percentile is a number between 0 and 1. The last row is always 1 and the first is 0, unless there is only 1 row or there is a tie for the top value. To display the result as percentages as opposed to numbers, change the column formatting from Automatic to Percent.


RankPercentile([Population by State])

  • This will assign the state with the smallest population rank 0, the largest population will be assigned rank 1.

RankPercentile([Population 2010])

  • Screenshot of results showing the county with the lowest population for each state ranked with 0.00% percentile and the county with the largest population ranked with 100.00%

RankPercentile([COUNTY - Count])

  • Screenshot of results showing states listed by count of counties, with the state that has fewest counties listed with a RankPercentile value of 0.00% and the most counties visible on this screenshot being Idaho with 37.25%.