Common embed error codes and messages

This document describes common error messages you may encounter when developing secure embeds.

General error codes

Error CodeDefinition
EEXISTDuplicate detected. This can be a duplicate team, user, etc.
EPERMThe requested operation is not permitted. Could indicate a lack of relevant workbook or account type permissions.
ESTALEStale object.
ENOENTObject does not exist.
EACCESPermission denied.
EINVALInvalid argument. Could indicate a URL parameter that doesn't exist.
ETIMEDOUTRequest timed out. Could indicate that the query didn't respond from warehouse in specified timeframe.
NETWORKUnable to connect to Sigma. This is typically a local network error.
UNKNOWNDefault API error message for all other errors.

Parameter-based error messages

Error messageCause
Invalid embed request.

Invalid embed mode

(Check to ensure mode=userbacked for secure embedding.)

Invalid embed request. ":email" is not valid.Invalid email
Invalid embed request. ":session_length" exceeds maximumInvalid time
Session expired. Reload the page.Session length has been exceeded
The page you're looking for does not exist. Embed not found.Invalid embed_path
The specified teams in ":external_user_team" do not exist. Please check spelling or create new teams in the admin portal.Invalid external_user_team
(when team is specified)
You don't have permission to access this page.Invalid clientID or external_user_team (when team is not specified)
You don't have permission to access this page. Invalid embed signature.Invalid embed secret
You don’t have permission to access this page. Sigma embed is expired.Session length has been exceeded