Display chart reference marks

Reference lines and reference bands are available for the following visualization types:


  • To use this feature, you must have Can Edit or Can Explore access to the individual workbook.

Add a reference mark

Before you start: This action uses the editor panel. If you have not done so already, open the editor panel from either Explore or Edit mode; see Workbook modes.

  1. In the editor panel, select Element format.

  2. Open the REFERENCE MARKS section.


    Format options vary by visualization type.

  3. Click + Add new.

    Element format section of the editor panel opened to the reference marks section, with Add new highlighted.

  4. Expand the new reference mark, then select your reference mark type: Line (default) or Band.Β 

    Reference mark section open, with the radio buttons for Line and Band highlighted.

  5. Customize your reference mark with the remaining options, which differ for line and band reference marks.

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