Manage Organization Schedules

As a Sigma admin, you have access to view and manage an organization-wide list of scheduled reports directly from the Admin Portal.Β 

To instead view a list of your own created schedules and email subscriptions, visit the scheduled exports list in your user profile.Β 


  • The complete list of organization schedules is only available for organization Admins; see User roles.

View and manage organization schedules

To view your organization's schedules:

  1. Click the user menu in the top right corner of your Sigma page.
  2. Select Administration from the dropdown menu. This will open the Admin Portal.
  3. In the left side panel, click to open the Scheduled Exports page.
  4. When viewing a large list of schedules, we recommend taking advantage of the search bar and filter menu at the top of the list. You can also click a column header to sort.

Delete a schedule

  1. Click the β€’β€’β€’ more menu icon to the right of the schedule you would like to delete.
  2. Click Delete. The schedule is automatically deleted.Β 

Delete scheduled exports in bulk

  1. In the admin portal, go to the Scheduled Exports tab.Β 
  2. To bulk delete scheduled exports, click the box next to each export you want to delete. To select all, click the box next to Document.
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  3. Click the trash can icon to delete the selected exports.Β 
  4. Click Confirm.Β 

Edit or view a schedule

To edit or view a specific scheduled:

  1. Click on the report link under the Document header. This will take you directly to the report.
  2. Click the β€’β€’β€’ menu in the report header.
  3. Click Schedule exports….