Model your data in Sigma using datasets, or collections of data based on tables in your CDW or DBMS.

Datasets function as centralized, shareable data definitions and can include aggregations and other data manipulations. Admins define datasets that are used in workbook analyses as sources for visualizations, tables, and pivot tables.

Workbooks inherit all changes applied to underlying datasets, ensuring consistent, reliable metric calculations. When metric logic requires an update, you can apply the change in one location (the dataset), and all applicable workbooks automatically inherit and reflect the updated calculations.

Modeling data

Best practices

Annotate tables

Create datasets

Configure columns

Add links

The dataset worksheet

Join data

Sharing and permissions

Permission types

Share a dataset

Modify or revoke access

Respond to a request for access to content

Advanced modeling

Examine dataset queries

Dataset lineage

Edit warehouse data from Sigma

Dataset warehouse views

Dataset materialization

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