Drill into data (Drill Anywhere)

Sigma supports drill paths, called the Drill Anywhere feature, for most visualization types.

Drill paths are designed for ad-hoc data exploration, and are only available to users with Can Edit or Can Explore access to the workbook.

If you're creating a workbook with a broader target audience such as Viewers, or want to use the same drill path across multiple target visualizations, you should instead create a drill down control.


Use the Drill Anywhere drill path feature

  1. Right click on a value on your visualization to open its context menu.
    In this example shows opening the context menu for the bar chart's 2017 [Year] column.

  2. Click Drill down... to open the Drill down modal.


  3. Click a column to drill into it.
    This example shows drilling down into [Store Region].


When drilling into [Store Region] for the [Year] 2019, Sigma adds a new date filter and switches the X-AXIS from [Year] to [Store Region].
Sigma shows the sum of sales by region for the year 2019.


In the example, the visualization is maximized so you can also see its underlying data table structure update accordingly.

Instead of being grouped by [Year], the data is now grouped by [Store Region].

Customize a visualization's drill down column list

  1. If the workbook is not already in Edit mode, click Edit in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Right click on a value in a visualization to open its context menu.

  3. Click Drill down to open the Drill down modal.


  4. Click Edit List.Β 


  5. Use the checkboxes to select only the columns you want available.


  6. Click Save.