Create and Edit Templates

Workbook templates allow users to templatize and share workbook structures for quick and consistent reuse. This article covers how to create and edit workbook templates.

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Create a New Template
Edit an Existing Template
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  • To create a new template, you must:
    • be assigned a Creator or Admin account type
    • have Can Edit access to the workbook from which you are creating your template
  • To edit an existing template, you must:

Create a New Template

Before you start: Workbook templates are created from existing workbooks. Before you can create a template, you will need to create a workbook.

  1. Open the workbook you want to create a template from.
  2. In the workbook header, click the caret (▼) icon button to the right of the title.
  3. Select Save as template.
    This will open the Save as template modal.

  4. Enter a Template Name.
  5. Click Save.
    You will be directed to your new template automatically.

Now what? 

Edit an Existing Template

  1. Open your Templates gallery page.
    You can access this page from:
    • the left-side navigation panel on your home page, OR
    • the quick navigation menu (Screen_Shot_2021-11-18_at_11.08.00_AM.png), located in the top left corner of any document page.
  2. Find the template you want to edit.
    Then click its vertical ••• button, to open its menu.
  3. Click Open.

  4. In the template header, click Edit Template.

  5. Make your changes.
  6. In the template header, click Publish to save your changes.

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