Create a new database connection



Create a connection to the data warehouse

Each warehouse type takes different input parameters. Use the following instructions for your warehouse:

Adding Sigma IPs to the allowlist

When your warehouse is closed to external connections because of firewalls, security groups, or other IP-based security policies, you have to add Sigma's IP addresses to the allowlist, so you can successfully connect to your data.

Sigma's egress IP addresses are listed on all individual connection pages in your Sigma Admin Portal. To view them:

  1. Open your Admin Portal to the Connection page.
  2. Select any connection or click Create Connection.
  3. Look for the IP addresses listed under connection credentials. 

Write access

You can enable write access on your connection. Write access is required for materialization, CSV uploads, and Dataset Warehouse Views.


After creating a connection, you can selectively share access with other people in your organization. For more information, see Data Permissions.

Query timeouts

By default, Sigma sets query timeouts to 120 seconds (2 minutes). When queries hit the timeout limit, Sigma will cancel the query. Under Connection Features, you can set a custom query timeout for your connection.

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