Returns the subtotal for an aggregate formula.


Subtotal(aggregate, mode, [parameters])


Term Description

An aggregate formula

Examples: Count(), Sum([Sales Amount])


The mode to use when calculating the aggregate formula. Mode determines which dimension(s) to use when performing the calculation.

Mode options vary between element types:

General purpose modes

  • "grand_total" (default for visualizations and pivot tables)— calculates the subtotal for the aggregate formula.

Visualization modes

  • "color" — calculates the aggregate formula using only the column specified for COLOR.

  • "x_axis" — calculates the aggregate formula using only the column(s) placed on the X-AXIS.

  • "trellis_column" / "trellis_row"calculates the aggregate subtotal using only the dimension specified for the TRELLIS COLUMN or TRELLIS ROW.

Pivot table modes

  • "column" / "row"calculates aggregate subtotal for the column or row total.

  • "column_parent" / "row_parent"calculates the aggregate subtotal for the column or row total, relative to the subtotal calculation for the parent dimensions.

Table modes

  • "parent_grouping"calculates the aggregate formula using the grouping keys from a parent grouping. This is equivalent to creating the aggregate calculation in a parent grouping and referencing it from a column in a lower grouping.


An additional parameter specific to the mode.

This is only applicable to the following modes: "column_parent", "row_parent" and "parent_grouping"

For these modes, this 3rd parameter specifies how many parent dimensions to ignore.



Example #1

Subtotal(Avg([Price]), "column")
  • Calculates the aggregate subtotal for each column of the Product Type dimension.
  • Verify that the calculation values match the built-in pivot subtotals at the bottom of the table. 

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Example #2

Subtotal(CountDistinct([Product Type]), "x_axis")
  • Calculates the aggregate subtotal for each Product Type, across all values of Store Region.
  • The calculation is shown in the tooltip, but is usable anywhere an aggregate formula is allowed.

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