Live edit allows your team to collaborate on workbook drafts in real time, with all editors sharing one live draft. This allows you to see and contribute to other people’s drafted changes before they are published.

Note: Prior to 11/1/2022, users worked with individual drafts.Drafts were not sharable and work was not visible until published. Beginning 11/1/2022, all new organizations support shared, live drafts. This new feature is gradually being rolled out to legacy organizations. Organizations Admins will be notified before the change is made.


Summary of Content

Edit a Workbook


  • Only users with Can Edit access to the workbook can contribute

Edit a Workbook

To begin editing an existing workbook, click the Edit button located in the workbook header.

When you enter Edit mode: 

  • The header's Edit button switches to an Editing menu
  • The header's version menu switches from PUBLISHED VERSION to DRAFT VERSION.
  • The header displays a list of all other users currently in Edit mode and the element they each have selected.
    Tip: Click a user’s icon to navigate to the element they have selected (if they have one selected).
  • The editor panel and sidebar appear on the left side of the page.
  • Changes you make to the draft will automatically save to the live draft shared by all editors. 
  • If an editor clicks Publish, all drafted changes are published. This includes changes drafted by all editors on the live draft. 

To learn more about editing and publishing drafts, visit Editing, Drafts & Publishing.


Can I edit a workbook offline?

If your internet connection fails while you are editing a workbook, Sigma will attempt to incorporate your edits into the live draft as soon you reconnect. However, if conflicting edits were made while you were offline, it may not be possible to fully incorporate your work.