Returns the attribute value for the current user as a text value.



attribute name [required] User attributes are generated in the User Attribute section of admin panel. 


Use this functionality in a workbook to enforce row-level security using the function. 

CurrentUserAttributeText(“attrName”) = (column)

An admin adds a column named Region into a table, creates a user attribute called Region Attribute, and assigns the attribute to a team containing the users listed below.   

There are 2 different users assigned to the same team, based in different regions:

  • User 1- West
  • User 2- Midwest

When you use the function below in a workbook, team members will only see the rows that correspond to their value in the Region column: User 1 can see rows with West value in the Region column and user 2 can see rows with Midwest value. 

CurrentUserAttributeText(“Region Attribute”) = (Region)

Learn more about User Attributes. 

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