User Attributes can be used to provide a customized experience for your Sigma teams and embedded users. They can be assigned as a function in a workbook to provide row-level security.

This feature is currently in beta. 

  • To request access, contact your Sigma Account Representative.
  • Beta features are subject to quick, iterative changes. As a result, this document may not reflect the most current version.

Summary of Content

Create User Attributes
Assign User Attributes
Edit or Delete Attributes & Teams
Row-Security with User Attributes
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  • You must be an organization Admin to configure User Attributes. Learn more about account types.
  • Users with Can Edit or Can Explore access to a workbook or dataset can reference existing user attributes in functions.

Create User Attributes

Follow the steps below to create a User Attribute

  1. In your Sigma Admin portal, go to User Attributes and click Create Attribute
  2. In the New Attribute section, enter a unique name in the Name field.
  3. In the Description field, describe the attribute.
  4. In the Default Value field, enter a default value. Sigma will use the value defined here if no value is set for a team.
  5. Click Create.


After you click Create, the attribute appears under Existing User Attributes


Assign User Attributes

Follow the steps below to assign a team to a User Attribute. 

  1. In the Teams Assigned section, click Assign Attribute to assign teams to this attribute.

  2. In the search bar, search for teams to assign this attribute to, or click in the search bar to view a list of your organization's teams. Learn more about Teams.
  3. Click Assign. Your teams are now listed under Teams Assigned
  4. To reorder the priority of teams, place your cursor over the drag handle thingy.png under the Priority column, and drag and drop the team to the desired priority.    

    Note: Teams are prioritized based on their order in the list. The team at the top of the list is used first. 


Edit or Delete Attributes & Teams


To edit or delete an attribute click on an existing attribute.  On the right, you can click Edit to edit the attribute, or click Delete Attribute to delete it. 

In this example, we chose Region Attribute.



To edit or unassign a team, click on the 3 dots to the right.  Click Edit Value to change the attribute and Unassign to dissociate the team from this attribute.

Row-Security with User Attributes

Once you create and assign a user attribute to teams, you can use this functionality in a workbook to enforce row-level security using the function CurrentUserAttributeText in a formula.  

CurrentUserAttributeText(“attrNAME”) = [column]

Example: this example uses the configuration above. An admin adds a column named [Region] into a table, creates a user attribute called Region Attribute, and assigns the attribute to a team containing the users listed below.   

There are 2 different users assigned to the same team, based in different regions:

  • User 1- West
  • User 2- Midwest

When you use the function below in a workbook, team members will only see the rows that correspond to their value in the Region column: User 1 can see rows with West value in the Region column and user 2 can see rows with Midwest value. 

CurrentUserAttributeText(“Region Attribute”) = [Region]

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