Some cloud data warehouses (CDW) have a query results cache that Sigma can use to retrieve query results without incurring additional compute costs. This leads to better performance.

Sigma workbooks have a cache duration setting, or time to live (TTL). The result is cached in the data warehouse, not in Sigma. The cache is in the form of a copy of results and is stored for 24 hours. If the source data changes, the cached results will reflect irrelevant/inaccurate data. If u attempt to return the result of a query, you can use this setting to specify that the result cache is xx minutes old.

The default duration is 10 minutes. 

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Set a Cache Duration
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  • This feature is only available for CDWs that support result caches. 
  • To set a workbooks' cache duration, you must be an organization Admin.

Set a Cache Duration

  1. Click the caret (▼) button to the right of the refresh button in your workbook's header.

  2. Select Data refresh.
    This will open the Data Refresh Settings modal.

  3. Under Cache duration set a minute or hour duration.
  4. Click Save.

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