Some cloud data warehouses (CDW) have a query results cache that Sigma can use to retrieve query results without incurring additional compute costs. This leads to better performance.

Sigma workbooks have a cache duration setting, or time to live (TTL), which refers to the duration of time that Sigma will try to retrieve query results from the results cache before sending the query to the warehouse for a new result to be computed.

The default duration is 10 minutes. 

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Set a Cache Duration
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  • This feature is only available for CDWs that support result caches. 
  • To set a workbooks' cache duration, you must be an organization Admin.

Set a Cache Duration

  1. Click the caret (▼) button to the right of the refresh button in your workbook's header.

  2. Select Data refresh.
    This will open the Data Refresh Settings modal.

  3. Under Cache duration set a minute or hour duration.
  4. Click Save.

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