Get Started with Templates

Workbook templates allow users to templatize and share workbook structures for quick and consistent reuse. 

All of the templates available to you can be found in your Template gallery page. This includes a set of Sigma-created examples and Snowflake usage templates. You can access this page from:

  • the left-side navigation panel on your home page, OR
  • the quick navigation menu (Screen_Shot_2021-11-18_at_11.08.00_AM.png), located in the top left corner of any document page.


Visit Snowflake Usage Templates to get started with Sigma's pre-built Snowflake templates.

Visit Create Workbooks from Templates to learn how to create workbooks from existing templates.

Visit Create and Edit Templates to learn how to create your own templates or edit existing ones.

Visit Share Templates to learn how to share your templates with other organization members and teams.

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