Apply Control Values to Scheduled Reports

When you create email export and/or Slack notification schedules, you can choose to apply control values directly to the scheduled report. 


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Using Controls in Schedules
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Using Controls in Schedules

  1. Click the menu (▼) icon in the workbook header.
  2. Select Schedule exports....
    This will open the Schedule Exports modal.
  3. Select an existing schedule or click Add Schedule.
  4. Under Destination, select Email or Slack. Then complete the fields required for that schedule type.
  5. Under Repeat by, select a schedule.
  6. Under Controls, click + Select Control.
  7. Select one of the workbook's existing controls from the menu.
    The control will appear in the modal.
  8. To the right of the control label, input the value(s) you would like to apply for the schedule.
  9. [optional] Click + Select Control again to add additional controls.
  10. Under Send, select your preferred send conditions. Learn more.
  11. Click Create Schedule / Save Schedule.

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