IMPORTANT: This document is specific to Sigma's new Workbooks feature. If you instead want to learn about this topic for dashboards, visit Conditional Scheduling (Worksheets & Dashboards).

When you create email export and/or Slack notification schedules, you can choose to define send conditions. Conditions are checked against a single data element of your choice, and schedules will only send when their send conditions are met.

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Condition Options
Test a Schedule's Send Condition
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  • To use this feature, you must be an Explorer, Creator, or Admin or be assigned a custom account type permitted to export workbooks. Learn about user account types

Condition Options

Available options may vary depending on the workbook and its available data. These options can be set in the scheduler modal, under Send.


Any of the following options can be selected:

  • Always - Always send at the scheduled time.
  • If there is no data - Send IF a selected element has no data.
  • If there is data - Send IF a selected element has data.
  • If a condition is met - Send IF a specific column in a selected element meets a specific condition.
    If this option is selected, you will be prompted to define column-specific condition using all or some of the following fields:
    1. Check if - Choose whether Any values or All Values should meet the condition that follows.
    2. In column -  Select one column from the list for the condition to run against.
    3. Is - Select a condition (e.g. equal to, greater than, contains) to check against the column's values. Options are dependent on the selected column's value type.
    4. Value - [only available if the condition accepts a value] Input a value to check against the condition. The input value must match the selected column's value type.

Test a Schedule's Send Condition

Workbook schedules that send If a condition is met can be tested before the schedule is saved. To test a condition, click the Test Condition button below the condition definition.


If you are scheduling an export for a condition that IS NOT currently met, we recommend testing a similar condition (e.g. temporarily set the Value field to a value that matches the condition).

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IMPORTANT: This document is specific to Sigma worksheets and dashboards. To learn about export options for Sigma’s new Workbooks feature, please visit Send and Schedule Workbooks.