Visualization Data Labels

IMPORTANT: This document is specific to Sigma's new Workbooks feature.

Data label formatting is available for the following visualization types:

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Add Data Labels
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  • To create and/or edit a visualization's formats, you must have Can Edit or Can Explore access on the workbook and be in either Editing or Exploring mode.

Add Data Labels

  1. Select your visualization to open its configuration view in the workbook editor panel. 
    If you are in Exploring mode, click the maximize button to expand the element's focus view.
  2. Click the paintbrush icon at the top of the editor panel. This will open the element's Format panel. Screen_Shot_2021-07-30_at_10.44.04_AM.png
  3. Click to open the DATA LABELS section.
    Note: Format options vary by visualization type.
  4. Check the Data labels checkbox to switch them.
  5. Use the fields that appear to customize your data labels.
    Note: Data label options vary by visualization type.

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