The ListAgg function joins a given column's distinct row values into a single list. Each window of values within a column will be aggregated into an individual list. The output of this function is a text column.


ListAggDistinct([Column], separator, direction)

Function Arguments:

  • [Column] (required) - The column of values that you would like to combine.
  • separator (optional) - The separator to use between values. If no separator is specified, a comma will be used.
  • direction (optional) - The sort direction to use for the list. Either 'asc' or 'desc'. I no direction is specified, the values will be sorted in ascending order. 


ListAggDistinct([Store Name])

A table contains a grouped [Store State] column.  Outside of the grouping, there are orders for stores within the state.  ListAggDistinct can be used to return a list of distinct store names within each state.  Here, the separator and direction are not specified, so the output will be separated by a comma and will be sorted ascending.

ListAggDistinct([Store Name], "-")

Here, a dash is indicated as the separator, so each distinct value will be separated by a dash.  

ListAggDistinct([Store Name], "-", "desc")

Here, the direction is specified as descending, so the output will be sorted descending.

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