This article discuses how to deactivate members, allocate their documents to active users, and rhow to reactivate inactive users. 

Note: If your organization uses SCIM, you must deactivate users through your identity provider. 

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Deactivate Users
Deactivated User documents
Deactivated Users & Reactivation

Deactivate Users

Follow the steps below to deactivate users and allocate their documents to an active user. 

  1. Open your Admin Portal.
  2. Click People to open the People page.
  3. On the Members tab, check the members you want to deactivate. Click Select All to deactivate all users. 


  4. Click any of the selected member's more ••• menu. Then select Deactivate. This deactivates all selected users. 
  5. On the Deactivate User popup, the members you selected to deactivate are displayed. In the Select New Owner section, assign the deactivated user's documents to a new owner.
    In the example below, the documents are assigned to 

  6. Click Deactivate. 

Deactivated User Documents

After you click Deactivate, the user's documents are automatically migrated to the selected user's My Documents folder. The deactivated user's documents will be located in My Documents > Archived Users > Folder (folder title is the deactivated user's name). There is no need to manually transfer all the worksheets/dashboards created by the user, Sigma does this for you.

Click a member's more ••• menu to share, rename, move, or delete the folder. 



Deactivated User Accounts & Reactivation

Deactivated accounts still appear in the Members tab on the People page. Their status is marked as Inactive.

Inactive users are filtered out of the Members list by default. Use the list's filter menu to show all Members, past and/or present.

To reactivate a user, select Reactivate from the more ••• menu.

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