User Roles

A user's role determines how they can interact with Sigma objects like worksheets and dashboards. How permissions are set up determines which objects each user has access to.

Admin: Have access to all documents within Sigma and permission to edit all of the documents. They can administer system settings, users, teams, connections, integrations, and authentication.

Author: Have access to all modeling, analytics and dashboards capabilities. They have the ability to build worksheets and dashboard with data they have permission to access.

Viewer: They can view the objects they have permissions for, with very limited set of interactions. They may interact with parameters on worksheets and dashboards, and they can interact with dashboard filters.

Change a User's Role

1. Go to Settings.
Click on your profile icon in the upper right of your screen, then click settings.

2. Go to the Users Tab.

3. Find the user whose role you would like to change.

4. Click the '...' on the left hand side of row for the user you are updating.

5. Choose the role you would like to assign to the user.

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