Sigma supports connecting through SSH for PostgreSQL and Redshift.


SSH server parameters
Get Sigma IPs
Connect to Sigma through SSH
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  • Admin privileges in your Sigma organization. Learn about account types.
  • A Redshift or Postgres database.

SSH server parameters

To enable SSH connections, send the following information to your system admin.

Sigma’s public key
ssh-rsa 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
Sigma IP addresses
Sigma's egress IP addresses are listed on all individual connection pages in your Sigma Admin Portal. To view them,

Get Sigma IPs

Follow these steps to get Sigma IPs from the app:

  1. Open your Admin Portal to the Connection page.
  2. Select any connection, or click Create Connection.
  3. Look for the IP addresses under connection credentials.

Connect to Sigma through SSH

  1. Save Sigma’s SSH Public Key.
  2. Add Sigma IPs to your allowlist.
  3. Create an SSH user account, and name it sigmacomputing.
    The user sigmacomputing authenticates through the public key.
  4. Authorize Sigma's public key according to the instructions of your SSH server.
  5. For most servers, the SSH default port is 22. It is also the default port on Sigma.
    Check that the
    port on your SSH server matches the port on Sigma.
  6. In Sigma, navigate to your connection’s page in the Admin Portal.
  7. Under Connection Credentials, switch on the SSH Tunnel.
    Set these parameters:
    Tunnel host
    This is your IP address.
    Tunnel port
    This value must match the port of your SSH server.
    Sigma's defaults to port 22, which is common for most servers.
    SSH tunnel configuration
  8. If you are editing an existing connection, click Save.
    If you are creating a new connection, continue specifying the Connection features, Write access, and so on.

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