Escalate critical issues

To escalate critical or high-severity issues outside of Sigma's business hours (Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PT) or during a system outage, log into your Help Desk account and submit a support request.

Your Help Desk account differs from your Sigma app account and may have been created during customer onboarding. If you cannot sign in and don't receive a password reset email after submitting a Forgot password request, you might not have an existing account. Contact your Sigma Account Manager and request a Help Desk account.

Check the operational status page

Sigma provides operational status updates for all cloud providers and regions in which Sigma instances are hosted. Prior to reporting a system outage or degradation, refer to the Sigma Computing Status page to determine whether this is a known issue. 

  • If the status page reports the issue you're experiencing, Sigma is currently investigating the incident and working towards a resolution. You can click Subscribe to updates to receive notifications when current and future issues are reported and resolved.
  • If the status page doesn't report the issue you're experiencing, refer to the following section and submit a request to Sigma Support.  

Submit a request to Sigma Support

  1. Go to to access the Help Desk.

    You can also open the Help Desk from the Sigma company website in the Resources category or the Help menu in the Sigma app.

    Resources menu on Sigma website

    Help menu in Sigma app

  2. In the Help Desk header, click Submit a request.
  3. If you're not currently logged into your account, submit your credentials to sign in and access the request form. If you're already logged in, proceed to the next step.
  4. Complete the Submit a request form, then click Submit.
    • CC (optional): Enter additional email addresses that should receive a copy of the request and all responses. The email address associated with your Help Desk account is automatically saved as a recipient.
    • Subject: Enter a brief summary of your request.
    • Description: Describe the issue and include relevant information (e.g., error message and ID) that can enable the Support team to quickly and easily assist you.
    • Severity: Select the appropriate severity level.
      S3 (low)
      General product questions and feature requests.
      S2 (medium)
      Specific product functionality is degraded and affects a small number of users.
      S1 (high)
      Sigma service or performance is severely degraded for one or more product components and affects business processes.
      S0 (critical)
      Sigma service is inaccessible for one or more major product components and affects crucial business processes.

      A request submitted with the S0 (critical) severity level immediately alerts the on-call Support engineers, regardless of day or time. Please select this severity level only if your issue meets the criteria.

    • Attachments (optional): Add relevant files that can help the Support team better understand the issue.

      Sigma sends a confirmation email and all Support responses to the email address associated with your Help Desk account.

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