Workbook Analysis (New)

Are you ready to dive into ad hoc analysis and/or report building in Sigma Workbooks? Check out the following resources to get started.

Workbooks: An Overview

Workbooks are Sigma's newest and most dynamic document type. They harness and extend the power of Sigma's original document types – worksheets and dashboards –  in one central interface. They're designed to support both ad hoc data exploration and longterm complex reporting.

This article will introduce you to workbook basics and direct you to introductory resources.

Create a Workbook

This article will teach you the basics of creating your first workbook.

Intro to Element Types

Workbooks support three element types: data elements, control elements, and UI elements. 

This article will introduce you to the three element types and direct you to introductory resources for each.

Create a Data Element 

Learn about your data source options, and dive into your data with your first data element. 

Workbook Tutorials

Follow our tutorials to discover workbook analysis best practices.